May 31, 2020
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Ram Gopal Varma

On why a new film company he is part of will redefine Indian cinema

Ram Gopal Varma
Ram Gopal Varma
What is the central concept of Kay Sera Sera?
After the angry young man, NRI romance was the norm. The formula isn't working. It's time for a different kind of cinema where the star is irrelevant.

A new kind of cinema?
Purely idea-oriented. For example, the four films we are working on are about encounter cops, a child lost in a forest, a small-towner making a movie and a suspense thriller. We'll source fresh talent and use ingenious promos to pull the crowds in.

Will all of them be released this year?
Three will be released.

What's the average budget for these films?
Say between Rs 5-8 crore.

High budget, isn't it?
I want to clarify this. Just because they are concept-based, it doesn't mean we're making low-budget films. We believe in the idea, so we are putting money into it.

What are the sources of funding?
The details haven't been worked out yet. As I see it, NRIs and international banks will play a major role.

What's your stake in Kay Sera Sera?
It will change from project to project.

What about distributor mindset?
They are confused today. They will come around. It will all change slowly.

Is it time songs went out of movies?
Songs have a negative effect on some stories. It's greed that puts them in. Making money from audio rights, that's what makes me include songs. It's time we got out of that mindset and not mess up good films.

What will be your level of interference in Kay Sera Sera's films?
I'll try to keep it to a bare minimum. In the last one year or so, I think I made a mistake interfering in films I produced. Road could have been much better had I not meddled with Rajat Mukherjee's vision.

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