February 15, 2020
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Rakeysh Mehra

The director on Teen Thay Bhai, a film he is involved with—as producer.

Rakeysh Mehra
Rakeysh Mehra

You’ve suddenly decided to turn producer?

I was producing my own films, but yes, am producing but not directing this time.

Why did you choose to get other directors?

As I was growing as a director, it became important that my company became stronger. As I met youngsters I realised they are full of ideas and decided to start producing.

What made you push Teen Thay Bhai?

I used to think that I was doing groundbreaking stuff. It was the same with Mrigdeep Singh...his was a wacky idea.

Tell us about it.

It’s a story about three brothers—a slapstick comedy without pretence. There was nothing subtle about it and I liked that.

How did you decide this script would work?

We laughed so much when we heard the script. I’m producing a film by another debutant director, Sunil Pandey, who assisted me on Rang De Basanti. His is a father-daughter story, a remake of a Belgian Oscar-nominated film; it has Bachchan and a new girl. I loved the screenplay.

You remain a Bachchan fan, right?

Yes, he has such an appetite for cinema, we don’t cater to his needs.

Why haven’t we seen you after Delhi 6?

I was heartbroken when it didn’t work. It won the National award but it set me back.

And now?

I am doing auditions for a film on Milkha Singh—Bhag Milkha Bhag.

Do you tend to get emotionally attached to your films?

Yes. That’s why it’s fun producing for others.

When do we see Teen Thay Bhai?

On April 1, 2011! I’ve decided we’ll try and make good content at the best price. A film in Rs 8 crore, shot by Ashok Mehta and with lyrics by Gulzar.

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