May 30, 2020
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Rahul Rawail

In an unprecedented move the director of ' Arjun Pandit'sues a film critic

Rahul Rawail
Why this reaction to criticism
A critic has every right to criticise a film but he cannot get personal or ridicule a film. Khalid Mohammed has been doing this too often and some action had to be taken

What have been the grounds for objection ?
There are specific portions in the revirew I've objected to.

Why do you see Khaild Mohammed's review as an unfair attack on your film ?
The problem is that Khalid Mohammad has himself got involved in the film business. he has favourable things to say only about those people associated with him.

Have you sued for a particular sum of money?
I am not interested in Khalid Mohammed's money. All I want is an apology.

How have other filmmakers reacted to your action?
I haven't talked to them as I didn't want to sensationalise the issue.

Isn't the line between reviewing and ridiculing rather fine?
I don't think there is a fine line. There is a marked difference between critiquing a film and ridiculing it and nobody has the right to do the latter.

What do you think about Critics' Choice film awards? To what extent are film fortunes affected by reviews?
I'm not in a position to comment on Critics' Choice film awards. They're entitled to their opinions. I don't think critics can alter the course of a film.

Do filmmakers think critics can make or break their films?
They're not dependent on critics to ensure their films' success. Mid- Day and Indian Express didn't give Hello Brother good reviews but they didn't get personal.

What do you feel about films by the younger generation?
I think Sooraj Barjatya set the trend. Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra, all of them are brilliant. They've managed to make very Indian films with a modern touch.

Does Rahul Rawail have something exciting on the anvil?
I'm working on two scripts, but it's too early. One will have Kajol and Hritik Roshan.

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