July 26, 2020
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Rahel Senn

One of Switzerland’s youngest composers, the award-winning pianist will perform in India (Bangalore) for the first time this weekend.

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Rahel Senn
Rahel Senn

How did you first take up the piano?

Playing the piano just happened to me. It was not a conscious decision; I just felt I could express myself better (on the piano).

You have often said that you used to be something of a ‘problem child’.

I was even sent to a counsellor as I was not able to relate to others. Although I spoke seven different languages, there were times when I felt misunderstood.

Now people usually call you ‘child prodigy’.

I don’t know how and when that tag came about. But by 17, I had already written and produced my first musical (the award-winning “Totaler Wahnsinn”).

How did you come to composition?

When I was around nine years old, the music school held an annual concert where we could perform. The audiences came to congratulate me after the show. That was the moment when I felt really understood.

Tell us a little about your solo program Retour a l’art brut.

It is a mix of easy melodies with some slight pianistic challenges.

It’s your first concert here, but is this your first trip to India?

Yes, I look forward to learning about the country, the culture and the people.

An Indian artist who inspires you?

I am not too familiar with names and personalities yet, but Bollywood is cool anyway, delightful and exciting in many aspects.

How would you describe your music?

Innovative and pure with a child’s innocence.

Is it more European or more Asian?

I cannot classify it. My music has been influenced by both.

Is classical music for the elites only?

Not at all. The language of music, after all, has an universal appeal.

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