July 07, 2020
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Rafael Perez

The Spanish ceramic artist's work is being showcased at the International Ceramics Conclave 2014, Delhi

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Rafael Perez
Rafael Perez

Ceramics, it seems, is not a conventional career choice....

Ceramics takes a lot of patience. People quit because it takes years of experience to understand it. I was a painter when I was introduced to it and I fell in love with it.

Do you like the element of surprise involved?

I like opening the kiln and finding something different from what I put in. Art is like a game; I like to play like a child.

But your methods dispel, rather than reinforce, the sense of ceramics.

I like to break rules. I experiment using personal techniques like mixing two clays, firing them together and not adhering to forms.

Isn't there too much experimenting in various art forms?

My aim is to fight against the normal and find my way in colours, forms and style.

Layering is a technique which you pioneered.

I came acrosss layering 15 years ago. I use two different clays which respond in different ways when fired. The results are exciting.

How important are colours in your work?

I never plan a project. I pick up clay and begin with the first thing that comes to mind; colours chosen are what my hands linger on.

What is the future of ceramics?

It's a science. The possibilities are endless, so the future uncharted.


Picasso, among many others.

You were born in Spain. Where would you want to live if given a choice?

Japan, North of Europe or North of Africa.

Is there a message that runs across your art?

The audience always likes to ask for messages or know the artist's thoughts. I never try to communicate anything; it's what comes out on the table.

By Stuti Agarwal and Leela Murali

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