July 09, 2020
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"Yes, I Am Upset That I Didn't Get The Team I Wanted"

After the nine Test captains emerged out of the ICC committee room at on July 11, Sachin Tendulkar

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"Yes, I Am Upset That I Didn't Get The Team I Wanted"

You have said you've been given a B-grade team, that you won't allow anybody to use you anymore.

My comments were blown out of proportion. I didn't say that about allowing anybody to use me. Yes, I was definitely disappointed and upset because I didn't get the team I wanted.

Any particular players that you wanted and who weren't included?

I wouldn't like to comment on that.

How much say do you think the captain should get in the selection process? 100 per cent?

No, I am not saying a 100 per cent. What I am saying is that if a captain says something, his views should be given priority.

Madan Lal said Mongia is the best wicketkeeper in India. Did you advocate Mongia's selection?

Yes, absolutely. But that doesn't mean that I didn't want Saba Karim. I felt there was no reason for Mongia to be dropped.

Should a code of conduct be drawn up for the Indian players like the one for the English team?

What do you mean?

Like the ban on cellulars. It exists already. But is there the need to for-malise it and other rules of conduct?

Well, I banned the use of cellulars once I became captain. There was too much distraction otherwise. I felt unless there was an emergency you don't need it. I want my players to be focussed on the game.

Don't you think we always blame selectors? They do a good job sometimes. They selected Saurav Ganguly and people thought it was a bad decision, but he came off.

I am not blaming the selectors at all. They have a difficult job. But instead of a policy where you blood five-six youngsters on an yearly basis, I think chances should be given only to the really deserving.

What were the issues discussed at the ICC meeting?

Well, we had an agenda but it wouldn't be right for me to discuss that yet.

Would you like to comment about the ongoing inquiry by Justice Chandrachud?

No, please leave me out of it.

What are your chances in the Asia Cup given the team that you have?

Well, you have to do the best with what you have. The nation wants us to win and we should do justice to the talent we have.

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