May 19, 2020
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"What About Reciprocity From The Uf?"

Arjun Singh

"What About Reciprocity From The Uf?"

What was the basis of your claim to form the government?

We weren't wrong in expecting at least some reciprocity from the UF. Also, parties like the RJD were prepared to support us.

When did you give up? After your talks with the CPI(M) failed?

I do not think that altered anything.

Is anti-BJPism still relevant?

For the Congress, this is not a periodical thing. In fact, our existence is based on that. Apart from that, stability, the economy and the nation's security—internal as well as external—and how they were handled are issues before us.

The UF refused to dump the DMK. Are you hoping for an understanding in case of a hung Parliament?

There is no hostility against anyone in the UF. But they should realise that the Congress is not an available handmaiden as and when required.

Is the party going to appeal collectively to Sonia Gandhi to lead?

The Congress president speaks on behalf of the entire party. And he has already appealed publicly.

This is the fifth anniversary of the demolition of the Babri mosque. What does it mean to you?

For the country, it is a sad reminder of how a personal agenda can disturb the equanimity of the nation, pose a threat to its integrity and create barriers between sections of the people. But I hope this will only be a reminder and not another reality. And for the Congress, I do believe and hope that it has learnt its lesson on this matter and that never again shall it do anything where its intention on a matter of a fundamental nature will be doubted. For me, it is only a confirmation of a commitment.

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