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"We Have To Unite, Not Fight"

While the NSCN(I-M) dominates Naga-inhabited areas of Manipur, parts of Nagaland and has extended its reach to North Cachar district of Assam too, the NSCN(K) has a major influence in eastern Nagaland and areas bordering Myanmar. S.S. Khaplang also h

"We Have To Unite, Not Fight"

What is your stand on the ceasefire offered by New Delhi?

You see, the ceasefire with India comes second. We have first offered truce to the I-M group.Only when the total unification of Nagas takes place, can we talk to the Indian government.

Which means you do not accept the cease-fire with the Indian government?

How can we? When there is no unity among the Nagas, when there is continuous bloodshed among the Nagas, we do not want to hold talks with anybody.

What is the response from the I-M group to your offer for truce?

There has been no response as yet although we have said that let us adopt the principle of forgive and forget, let bygones be bygones. Let's unite first and face the other side together.

But what is the difficulty in accepting the ceasefire offer that the government has extended?

How can we? We are not prepared with any modalities, we have not done our homework. Till now, we are just fighting amongst ourselves.

It is widely believed that your outfit is propped up by S.C. Jamir and used against the I-M group.

You see, the Naga national movement was born even before Jamir was born and it will continue even after him. Today Jamir is the chief minister, tomorrow Mr A or Mr B may be the chief minister but all of them are mere puppets of the Indian government.

It also said that he helps your outfit with money and in other ways.

There is not a single Naga who has not helped us since every one believes that this a national movement. But it does not mean that Jamir is our patron. Tomorrow if Jamir is not in power, even then we will exist, then the truth will be there for all to see.

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