February 22, 2020
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"We Differ With The Sena"

—Deputy CM Gopinath Munde tells Outlook

"We Differ With The Sena"

Joshi says he will not allow Pakistani artistes in Mumbai. Where do you stand?

Our PM has taken a view that there should be no attack on artistes, sportspersons or any visitor. I endorse that view. As home minister I will give protection to those who come to Mumbai. That is my duty. As a government we cannot stand by and let this happen.

Do you disapprove of the Sena style?

I do not want to comment on this. But if any one takes the law into his own hands I will take action—like the action taken against Bajrang Dal activists who ransacked M.F. Husain's house. No one's above the law.

While the Sena attacks Pakistani artistes, the BJP says such steps will harm bilateral ties. Isn't this an obvious contradiction?

We are against Pakistan's activity in Kashmir and have led agitations in the state. That is different, and attacking people is different.

Do you think the Sena's actions will tarnish the BJP's image?

How can it affect the BJP? Our commitment is clear—we differ with the Sena actions against visiting artistes.

Is there a rift between the Sena and the BJP?

I don't think so. You have differences between husband and wife but that does not lead to divorce. Angry words may be settled over a cup of tea in the morning.

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