August 07, 2020
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"The Judgement Has Given More Credence To Fascists"

MIM chief Sultan Salauddin Owaisi fears a rise in communal passions

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"The Judgement Has Given More Credence To Fascists"

What do you feel about the Supreme Court judgement?

I am sure it has come as a shot in the arm for the Sangh parivar. The judgement had given  more credence to the fascist games played by these communal parties. What surprises me is that while delivering the judge-ment the Supreme Court says that there is nothing wrong in using the word 'Hindutva', but at the same time restrains people from whipping up communal passions using religion? Thus, the ruling poses a greater threat to the secular fabric of the country.

Won't the ruling work to your advantage also?

Let me tell you that ours is not a communal party. Can anyone dare cite an incident where we have used religion to further the party's interests?

Your party is being accused of whipping up communal passions.

As I have already explained, the MIM has never fought, nor will it in future fight, elections under the guise of religion. Our party strongly believes in protecting the secular fabric of the country.

What happened to the move by the Centre to bring in a legislation to separate religion from politics?

We have supported such a move. It was again the Sangh parivar, I mean the BJP, which opposed this. The Congress too lacked the guts to bring in such a legislation.

What should the Government do now?

I feel the Union Government should appoint a constitutional bench comprising legal  experts to go in for an appeal in the Supreme Court to reconsider the bench's verdict. Our party will try to bring pressure on the Government for this.

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