February 22, 2020
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"The Jain Panel Is A Joke"

For someone who figures in the final report of the Jain Commission of Inquiry (JCI), Vikram Singh—Chandraswami's equally controversial aide and secretary of the Vishwa Dharmayatan Trust —appears remarkably unfazed. He spoke to Charu Lata Joshi about

"The Jain Panel Is A Joke"

The JCI final report points an accusing finger at both you and Chandraswami.

Basically, it is all mala fide. The report has relied on the testimony of unreliable characters like Ramesh Dalal and (Akali leader) Mahant Sewa Dass. These are people the IB and RAW did not consider credible enough. Sewa Dass is an alcoholic, everybody knows how upset he was when he did not get a Rajya Sabha ticket. The Congress is banking on Dalal's testimony, who in any case is a disgruntled BJP member. Everybody knows that till 1994, he was visiting Swamiji's ashram and if he knew that LTTE men were hanging around there, why didn't he inform the commission earlier?

But the commission is a judicial body. Its findings are based on legally tenable grounds.

The actual outcome of the commission will be to help the 26 accused in the assassination. By deflecting the issue to a larger conspiracy, the case against the LTTE is going to be diluted. The fact that Justice Jain was not accorded a farewell party by the High Court Bar Association shows what his calibre was, how he was rated in the legal community. The Jain Commission is a joke. Somebody should hold Jain responsible for wasting so much of the government's time and money.

You seem to suggest that there is politics behind the commission.

Definitely. The Jain Commission is a forum to settle political scores. Look at all the people who have been implicated—P.V. Narasimha Rao, Chandra Shekhar, Dr Sub-ramanian Swamy, O.P. Chautala. Only those people who are in touch with Swamiji have been named. And that too in a case which involves murder, or Section 302 of the IPC. Another thing is that all these people have at some point been close to each other. So the bid is to jointly attack and finish off all these people. The Jain Commission is a platform for politics.

But who is gunning for you?

Justice Jain is gunning for us. Can't you see the trend? Of late, courts are being used by politicians. Judges and the legal machinery are just used for political ends. Jain is no exception. And if I start identifying who all are after us and for what reasons, a lot of very important people would be in trouble. In the Rajinder Jain murder case, everybody named us, but finally the truth came out.

What about the present government's attitude on this? The PM...

I am not bothered about his attitude. The prime minister can do nothing. It is not up to him alone. There are others who are involved in the decision-making.

You mean if it was up to him alone, you would have been safe?

I cannot answer that. But I know that the law is on our side. Let them start the investigation, we will face the consequences. In fact, the truth will come out only when they start the investigation. All those on whom a shadow of doubt has been cast will want a fair investigation, not harassment. A lot of injustice is being done in the name of the report. It is a rambling piece of fiction.

What do you say about your links with the CIA and Mossad through the BCCI?

This is all a trial by the media. What is there to show that we have any links with CIA and Mossad? It is such a joke. We have openly admitted our links with Adnan Khashoggi. He is Swamiji's disciple but has he been involved in any assassination across the world?

There were wireless intercepts which show that the CIA and Mossad were in touch with Swami.

Who has said this? Do these intercepts exist? If they do, then they should be produced. These statements have been made by yet another disgruntled person, Zafar Saifullah. Everybody knows how he was lobbying for something after retirement and he did not get it.

You have had strong finan-cial links with certain Sri Lankans.

I have never travelled to Sri Lanka. My passport is with the CBI and this can be verified. In any case, the diary entry, which shows an alleged payment to one Anura Fernando, is in October 1994. The assassination took place in May 1991.

You do admit your proximity to Rao.

The Congress bestowed the prime ministership on Raoji. We did want it but we were not the final word on it. In fact, Rajiv Gandhi wanted Rao to be made the deputy prime minister in the Chandra Shekhar government, so how can it be said that he wanted to get rid of Rajiv Gandhi to become the PM. This defeats all logic.

What about Swamy's involvement?

There could be political reasons for naming Swamy, like he is not vibing well with the BJP. If you talk about the evidence against Swamy, everybody knows that Swamy's base was Tamil Nadu. He was working there, so why should he not be there? If he was involved in the planning, if he had any role in it, he would have moved to London, outside the country. Anybody would have done that.

You have enjoyed a lot of political clout. Who can bail you out now?

Swamiji has a lot of powerful well-wishers. In any case, we have law on our side. We are not scared because we have nothing to hide. We have been in jail, so we don't fear being locked up.

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