May 27, 2020
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"Someone Is Jealous"

Neetu Kapoor talks about herself, her family and the upside of being Rishi Kapoor's wife. Excerpts :

"Someone Is Jealous"

On the controversial call of November 1: "It is completely untrue. We were shocked, very shocked and we think it is the work of some envious element."

On film magazines abuzz with their marital problems:"Yes, they have been writing for close to a year now. But it is really stupid. If we had a problem, we would face it. If there was divorce in the air or a split happening, it would be in the open. All this is ridiculous sensationalism."

On the flip side of being the industry's  most 'ideal' couple:"Sometime ago, a film magazine conducted a survey on the most perfect marriage and everyone mentioned the Rishi-Neetu marriage. Lekin kuch logon ko kissi ki khushi nahin dekhi jaati. I think this may be the work of someone who is jealous of our marriage—and of Rishi turning director.

On Rishi Kapoor's disapproval of her friendship with Ena Sharma: "Ena lives in America and the last time I saw her was over a year ago. I don't know who is sensationalising these things. Besides during the last four-five months, I have been busy with my husband -- he is a wonderful husband -- assisting him with his film."

On Rishi Kapoor: Wonderful husband, home-loving and very warm. We have a great marriage, great kids. In fact I am assisting Rishi with the scripting, the costumes and other aspects of Aa Ab Laut Chalein. Rishi Kapoor has never lifted his hand on his kids and I guess that would answer the question as far as violence towards me is concerned."

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