March 30, 2020
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"Kalyanji Respects Me"


"Kalyanji Respects Me"

Are the allegations about your proximity to the chief minister true?

I am a BJP worker who has organised successful rallies in the state, from Lucknow to Azamgarh. Naturally there is a lot of resentment. A woman who works and does a good job of it will naturally make a lot of enemies. If the chief minister likes me, it is because of the work that I do for the party. I keep meeting him because he respects me. Kalyan Singhji is the tallest party leader in the state.

Who are the enemies you are referring to?

I will not take names. They could be agents of Mulayam Singh or Mayawati. It needs to be investigated.

Could Mulayam and Mayawati have agents in the BJP?

No comments.

But what of the largesse allocated only to your ward in the city?

That is because I can work. I have been active with the RSS for a long time. My father was in the RSS. I first came to Lucknow in 1987 and since then have nursed the ward. Look at the work done in my area. With my dedication, I am close to top-notch leaders like Atal Behari Vajpayee, the late Bhausaheb Deoras, Nanji Deshmukh and others. We have also strived to consolidate the BJP's position in eastern UP through public agitations. We have succeeded. Look at the BJP results there.

What about your equations with Lalji Tandon?

Contrary to what has been projected, they are very cordial. During the course of public work, I meet him often and he is very helpful.

You gave an interview in which you made unflattering references to Vajpayee?

Read the interview yourself and see. You can make or unmake anyone. The media is blowing the issue out of proportion. Thanks to you all, I have become a star.

But is this indiscipline and public exposure good for the party?

I am not equipped to talk about it. It is up to senior party leaders to ensure that indiscipline is not encouraged.

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