February 16, 2020
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"Ideally, I Should Be Leader Of The Party"

The first to have reached the desecration site, Savita 'Mai' Ambedkar, in her eighties, does not let age come in the way of let -ting out steam. She is incensed by the turn of events, the state of the Dalits and the desecration of Ambedkar's memory.

"Ideally, I Should Be Leader Of The Party"
How would you assess the situation politically?

The home minister has just babbled something. Thackeray says he has nothing to do with this but he is a communal Hindu. Political parties will have to pay for this.

Who, according to you, was responsible for the outbreak of violence?

The police. They hate the Dalits and I'm sure that some in that State Reserve Police group believes in Arun Shourie's writings.

RPI leader Raja Dhale has been quoted that the desecration is the handiwork of Dalit youth themselves.

A stupid thing to say. Raja Dhale is half this way and half the other way. I do not trust him.

Who do you think has the charisma to lead the Dalits?

Why, isn't 'mai' there? I have a say in matters and in difficult times, they still come to me. What is the RPI? The Dalit Panthers were a force to reckon with and people responded to Athavale. It should have converted itself into a political mass.

Are you in touch with Prakash Ambedkar?

No. Prakash is a headache and because of him the movement will suffer. Compared to Athavale, he is nothing. But though Athavale is the better leader, Prakash has the blood of the family.

Have you been formally offered a post?

I am not only an outsider but am also out of the community. That too, from a community they hate. Ideally, I deserve to be the leader of the party but people are mad. They don't realise it.

So, what is the future of the Dalit movement?

The movement will not die as long as castes and untouchables persist. A good leader is bound to emerge sooner or later—because seeds also fall on good soil. Being either Ambedkar's grandson or any other leader's son will have little to do with it.

What do you think of Worshipping False Gods ?

Arun Shourie is a wicked man. India stays upright because of the Constitution Ambedkar has given us. You only have to look at Pakistan to realise this.

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