May 31, 2020
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"I Have Not Been Sleeping"

S.S. Ahluwalia speaks to Outlook about his sudden outburst:

"I Have Not Been Sleeping"

Why didn't you take up the 1984 riots issue earlier?

I have been taking it up for 14 years—since November 9, 1984, when I spoke strongly to Rajiv Gandhi. I have an entire file of my correspondence on the subject. I wrote to Sonia Gandhi as early as in 1988. I have not been sleeping; I've been having sleepless nights.

What should the Congress president do?

She should apologise for the 1984 riots. And she should sieve out the tainted people involved in the massacre. That they are not being given tickets means nothing. If you are on the campaign committee, you are a spokesperson for the party. You make promises to the people, who will see what kind of person is making those promises.

Will the Sikhs vote for Congress?

I will not assess losses and gains. It's not a matter of accounts, but of justice and morality.

Why do you think the Congress president has not visited the Golden Temple?

Through Natwar Singh, I have been trying to persuade her to do just that. She could have visited not only Amritsar, but other major gurudwaras as well.

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