May 26, 2020
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Pt Ravi Shankar

On his concert for World Peace

Pt Ravi Shankar
Pt Ravi Shankar
Why this concert?
I am pained at this gruesome violence over religion.

A new role as a peace ambassador?
I do not want to use that word. That sounds more like a politician. I am just trying to send across a message that this mindless violence should stop.

But why not perform in Gujarat?
Or for that matter, right outside the space where once the twin towers (WTC) were located? No, I cannot do that.

But how many are aware of such a concert?
People are aware. They're concerned. Those who are concerned are out there in the middle of the riots trying to save lives. My concert is a tribute to them.

Isn't this a case in isolation?
Maybe. But someone needs to start a process.

Are all musicians with you?
They are.

Can music restore peace?
It's perhaps the only thing that binds all religions. If you submit to music, you cannot fight.

Your plans of starting a select group of musicians?
That's still my dream.

Your third Grammy. Doesn't that excite you?
At this age? Awards only excite me for two weeks. And then I am worried that someone, somewhere will start grumbling for not getting it.

Who will carry forward the Ravi Shankar legacy?
Someone who is perfect in technique and style. And with the effect. And with the spiritual quality. I have lots of hope on Anoushka.

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