February 15, 2020
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Pramod Kapoor

Publisher, Roli books, on their Vatsyayana fixation, IndiaInk acquisition and money talk.

Pramod Kapoor
Pramod Kapoor
How is Kama Sutra for Women doing?
Well. Our French, German and UK editions are already in print.

Are you planning any other tweaking of Vatsyayana's oeuvre?
Vatsyayana's soul has found creativity in our office.... We've printed five books on him, including the first ever illustrated Kama Sutra which is still in print.

From the Kama Sutra to Buddhist Peace Recipes, are you balancing body and soul?
Not consciously. You can say we're always seeking good authors and ideas.

IndiaInk was one such good idea?
It will add muscle to our fiction list with authors like Manju Kapur, I. Allan Sealy and Pankaj Mishra.

Would you share names of new writers?
Not yet.

Who'll be doing the hard bargaining now?
'Publishing is a gentleman's business'—I have always been influenced by this statement of Sir Allen Lane, founder of Penguin. Happy agreements pave the way for good books.

People allege you do not pay well?
Please identify those who say that.

Are you gunning for Ravi Dayal's imprint?
When Ravi was the OUP chief in India we benefited from our association with Oxford. When Outlook mentioned our so-called 'acquisition', I called Ravi and we laughed. That should give you the answer.

What should readers be looking forward to?
Books that entertain and educate and bookshops that are larger than Tesco supermarkets.

And from Roli in particular?
The Prithviwallahs by Shashi Kapoor.

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