February 22, 2020
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Postage Stamps From Time

The biggest events in each of the last 20 years which shook our lives or made us wonder about our existence and how the magazines in India and the world presented them

Postage Stamps From Time
November 1996
Another Icarian voyage, and a long trail of loss, grief and separation
  September 1997
A princess of hearts, and a heartbroken nation in the wake
  February 1998 
Caesar saw the moment of his greatness flicker. Was he afraid?
  July 1999 Siblinghood as fraught as that of Cain and Abel but can we know for sure?

January 2000 The Moscow files: the return of a KGB man to the halls of Kremlin   September 2001
A war of the worlds that ended in a descent from infinity to ground zero
  March 2002 Lambs to slaughter, and the waves of the Arabian sea incarnadine   May-June 2003 Here were sowed Abu Ghraib and the isis, bloodiest of harvests

January 2004 No ark for this deluge—an eschatology that none had thought of imagining   July 2005 Trains and buses in London targeted. A year later, trains in Mumbai.   October 2006 A nuclear test. But then you never know what’s ticking inside N. Korea.   December 2007  A suicide attack. The loudest resis­tance to the deep state is over.

December 2008
Blind daring brought the 26/11 attackers here. Defiance replied.
  February 2009
Finally, the ousting of a dynasty and a colour from the White House
  December 2010 
Spring, interruped. Then mangled into a mere memory of revolution.
  May 2011 The US exorcised the
spectre that had come to give it long nightmares

December 2012
First, forever a tragedy;  ‘collective conscience’ more of a farce though
  July, 2013 Resurrected from the bones of an nsa tenure gone wrong, fifth estate   August 2014 A mystery still, one that torments multitudesinstead of amusing   May 2015 Is there anything the PM will let his teammates do by themselves?
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