February 15, 2020
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First air-conditioned local train in Mumbai

The holy cow can do many wonders, according to those who believe in ­bovine blessings. Go Mata the Shrink is the latest. “Cow is the mother of the universe. It nurtures the soil, animals, birds and humans, and makes the human heart as tender as a flower,” RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said. “When jails set up cow sheds and ­prisoners started rearing cows, the authorities saw their criminal mindset diminishing. I am telling you from the experience shared by jail authorities.”

Age Of Psy

A little over 10 per cent of India’s adults have been ­detected with mental ­disorders, Union health ­minister Harsh Vardhan said in the Lok Sabha. The ­government conducted the National Mental Health Survey (NMHS) through the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore, in 2016. “As per the survey, the prevalence of mental disorders in adults over the age of 18 years is about 10.6 per cent,” he said during Question Hour.

5,981 Uber’s two-year safety review contains 2,936 (2017) plus 3,045 (2018) reports pertaining to sexual assault worldwide. Uber categorises sexual assaults into five sets. In the last, which is rape, it got 229 reports of rape in 2017 and 235 in 2018

The Centre has allowed road trains—multiple trailers hauled by a truck—of up to 25 m on select routes to reduce freight costs

“I am a vegetarian. I have never tasted an onion. So, how will a person like me know about the situation (market prices) of onions?”

Union minister Ashwini Kumar Choubey said last Thursday. After receiving flak for the statement, the junior minister for health and family welfare said:

“The farmers grow onions and other crops. I come from a rural background. We used to grow it too. Yes, I do not consume it. I am saatvik, I don’t eat even garlic...what is the news in that?”


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