August 03, 2020
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P.C. Sorcar Jr

on his 'world record' of making the Taj disappear

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P.C. Sorcar Jr
How did you make the Taj Mahal disappear?
By optical illusion.

But did it actually vanish?
No. I love it very much.

Then how did it happen?
I stopped the light rays from reaching the spectators' eyes.

Was it magic or science?
It was the magic of advanced science by using lots of laser beams, heat, sound and other ways of bending light rays.

Are you then a scientist?
Science and magic are both same.

What then is magic?
Magic today will become science tomorrow.

How much of this is deception?
It is deception for the cause of fun.

You are then treated like a god?
Only innocent people, those who are uneducated, fall at our feet.

Are you cashing in on the superstition of the people?
Nobody should live in a black-and-white world. You must colour it.

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