May 26, 2020
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Parmeshwar Godrej

On reports that she’s lobbying for Aamir Khan’s Lagaan at the Oscars

Parmeshwar Godrej
Parmeshwar Godrej
Is it true that you're lobbying for Lagaan with the Oscar jury?
I have read such reports and they are entirely baseless.

Could one say you are helping Aamir in his cause?
Yes. I am helping him in a small way.

How exactly?
I have asked some of my friends in the United States to see the film.

Who are the friends?
It's not fair to give out the names of people I have spoken to.

Obviously, they are people who have a vote.
Yes, that's correct.

Goldie Hawn's a friend.
She is a friend but I cannot say if I spoke to her about Lagaan.

Is it very difficult to get them to see a foreign film?
Yes. The jurors don't see 80 per cent of the films that come to them.

Why is that?
They have their own ideas. Their perception of Indian films is that they are all bad, boring and long.

Is there serious lobbying for the Oscars?
I think that's a bit exaggerated. What people try and do is to get the jurors to see their films. That's all I tell my friends. Go see the film.

How did your friends react after seeing the film?
They said they loved it.

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