March 30, 2020
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"Parliament Has Mandated Taking Back PoK"

Following the stern warning given to Pakistan by home minister L.K. Advani, the RSS claims that the BJP government has the mandate of Parliament to "take any action" on POK. In an interview to Outlook, RSS general secretary H.V. Sheshadri hailed the

"Parliament Has Mandated Taking Back PoK"

There seems to be a lack of festivity in the RSS. The PM has also stopped the celebrations.

In this kind of atmosphere, it isn’t good to get carried away. We have to tighten our belts. It’s the duty of the leadership to bring people to ground realities. We should use this atmosphere to rebuild the nation with a cool mind and levelheadedness.

Bahut din tak hava mein urte jaana thik nahin hai (it’s unwise to float in the air for too long).

Isn’t the VHP trying to project the tests as a symbol of Hindu assertion?

There are several different tendencies in Indian society. It’s not Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. Whether shakti peeth will be constructed or not is entirely up to the government. It’s not that whatever the VHP says will be followed. It has never been said that shakti peeth will be a temple with idols etc.

What about the apprehensions that India might strike POK?

There is an all-party Parliament resolution about the "unfinished task" of taking back POK. The Parliament resolution stands. No party can back out. Supposing the BJP government takes action, it will be with the mandate of Parliament. Koi bhi party kis mukh se virodh karegi (on what grounds will any party oppose it?)

But the people of POK don’t support India...

(Angrily) How do you know? Will any person in POK dare oppose Pakistan openly? Unless you throw open occupied Kashmir, and throw out all the Pakistani raiders, how do you know they are not pro-India? They are under terrorist menace. They can’t express themselves freely. You liquidate this Pakistan menace, then see.

What will we achieve as a nation by making the bomb?

Till now we were tolerating injustice, humiliation and attacks owing to world pressure. We aren’t going to tolerate it any more. The world only understands this language. We kept talking in the language of cooperation and love. But we’ve learnt our lesson. From now on, we won’t think of world reaction.

Do the tests signify the assertion of Indian nationalism?

The whole world—not so much in our own country—feels that Indian nationalism has asserted itself. The south Asian countries are very happy about it. Though none of these so-called Hindu issues—Ram Janmabhoomi or Article 370—are on the national agenda, any expression of national self respect shows the Hindu identity. The BJP government does not have any pronounced pro-Hindutva policy. They had to abandon everything, even the issue of gauraksha. But the atom bomb is secular (laughs)!

India is accused of creating war hysteria in the region...

Who is creating, baba? Only those who want India to remain weak say this. They (earlier governments) did not have the guts to speak against China or Pakistan. Yeh himmat ka prashna hai (This is an question of courage). Their aggressive tendencies will now be put under check. If (in the past) we did not take steps to defend ourselves, we will do it now.

Rajju Bhaiyya visited BARC before the tests. Was RSS in the know?

Rajju Bhaiyya is a physicist interested in atomic science. He’d been introduced to Bhabha. There’s nothing surprising about it.

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