February 15, 2020
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Par Avion

A random sample from the British periodicals

Par Avion

Rig machinery

New York Donald Mintz: But of course the election will be rigged. Elections have been rigged since the founding of the Republic. Despite intervention by the courts, we shall still be voting in gerrymandered districts with unreasonable restrictions of various kinds hindering free exercise of the franchise. That a great deal of this is legal is quite beside the point. Operationally (and ethically), it is election-rigging at its finest—far more efficient than good old-fashioned vote-buying.

The New York Times

Fabric of bias

London Elizabeth Eastmond: I am surprised more journalists do not write more critically on the ‘burkini ban’ issued by the mayor of Cannes. Throughout history, women’s bodies have been clothed in a variety of time- and culture-specific ways. Did anyone complain? Many Polynesian swimmers today wear body-covering sulus. Is this a problem for anyone? For culture-specific reasons ‘western’ women prefer to display most of their flesh, although they didn’t in the 19th century. Leave Muslim women alone. Let us all wear what we like and celebrate diversity.

The Guardian

Fishy thing

Solihull Bill Gladstone: Watching the frequent medal presentations at the Olympics, I am wondering what the small additional object presented after the medal is. It looks like one of those things one puts in a fish tank.

The Daily Telegraph

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