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Par Avion

A random sample from the British periodicals

Par Avion

If Trump Was Brit

Isle of Man David James: The British love to sneer at Donald Trump. They should remember that if Trump was British, he would almost certainly by now be a member of the House of Lords. He is very rich, donates millions to pol­itical parties and stars in a popular long-running television series. Three ‘good’ reasons why he would be right there among his unelected peers making new laws for the country.

The Daily Telegraph

No Globetrotting

Somerset Paul Heaton: There is no fundamental reason for international tourism to exist at all; for most of history it was an option open only to the wealthy. The benefits of tourism may not be apparent to the host population, many of whom will be confined to poorly paid or men­ial service jobs, and would  sometimes be unable to access the tourist sights themselves.

The Times

Greed Lock

Hertfordshire Alison Savitsky: Please can someone manufacture a mechanism whereby, in the event of an emergency evacuation from an aeroplane, all the overhead lockers automatically lock? I found it deeply upsetting to see passengers on the Emirates plane, which crashlanded and caught fire in the Dubai International Airport on August 3, trying to get hold of their belongings before evacuating. It angers me to think that the selfish behavior of a few could cause delay in this kind of situation.

The Daily Telegraph


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