February 15, 2020
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Par Avion

A random sample from the British periodicals

Par Avion

Quiet, please

Devon Anne Birts: On a recent visit to Spain, my husband and I travelled by train on several occasions. At the start of each journey, an announcement was made asking passengers not to disturb others by using their mobile phones in carriages. Our trips were peaceful and relaxing.

The Daily Telegraph

Conversation ­stopper

Gloucestershire Annie Jappie: The introduction of a device that prevents audiences from filming on mobile phones during the event they’re attending is welcome. I crave a personal blocking device that will stop any mobile phone conversation that goes on for more than 20 seconds within two yards of me.

The Daily Telegraph

Slimline pasta

Sussex Rachel Dunn: I agree with the report Pasta makes you slim, say (Italian) scientists. When in Sardinia I noticed the same Italians eating platefuls of pasta in the same restaurant for lunch and dinner. They weren’t overweight. But it is crucial to add that true Italian pasta is finer than the heavy supermarket pasta we get. One needs to buy Italian-made pasta to get these results and eat a genuine Mediterranean diet.

The Times

Suicide redux

Jersey Bruce Steedman: A new entry for the Oxford English Dictionary: ‘Plebicide’ n. the self-inflicted ruin of a nation’s prospects or interests via a reckless act of direct democracy.

The Economist

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