February 22, 2020
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Par Avion

A random sample from the British periodicals

Par Avion

A Slimming Filter

London Kate Greenhalgh: In the 1970s, our biology teacher, Mrs Prior, instilled in us a simple nutritional Micawberism: daily intake of calories 2,000, result happiness; daily intake of calories 3,000, result misery. “It doesn’t matter what form of food you eat—fats, proteins, starches or sugars—it all ends up as sugar, either burnt in energy or stored as fat. An average female, doing average physical activity, must not eat more than this each day, and if she does, she must eat less the next day.” At my recent 35-years-on school reunion, as we stood together in Mrs Prior’s lab reminiscing, we were all looking pretty trim. If only Mrs Prior had got on to units of alcohol and smoking.

The Times

Good God

Essex Richard Gilyead: The conflation of morality with religion is problematic. There is considerable opposition from the department for education to any inclusion of non-religious worldviews in the school curriculum, yet there is good evidence that young people are even more likely to have “no reli­gion” than the parents. It is irresponsible of ministers to ignore facts about r­eli­gious decline and to risk moral education being diluted.

The Guardian

Clerical Troubles

Grays Mick Hall: Given the backlog of passport applications that already exist at HM Passport Offices, one wonders how they will cope when 42 million passport-holders apply to exchange their EU passports for UK-only.

The Independent

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