January 23, 2020
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Par Avion

A random sample from the British periodicals

Par Avion

Menial, Maniacal

Nairobi Ritesh Doshi: What Trump and Sanders are failing to tell their supporters—essentially swaths of  the middle class—is that “’reshoring” jobs is incongruent with the demand for cheap goods and services. Higher salaries would be demanded by American workers, pushing up costs and ultimately resulting in upward pricing. Middle Amer­ica needs to decide whether it wants its old jobs back or if it is ready to be led down an unknown path by a strong leader that will req­uire retraining, but which will better position America to co­n­­tinue having the world’s leading economy.


Urban Decay

Fremont Prabhu Palani: I read with great amusement David Tang’s articles on the world’s worst cities. Surely, Mr Tang has never been to my birth city of Madras (now Chennai). Madras’s crumbling roads, garish billboards and tenements would put Macau, and Casablanca to shame. Of course, one always feels a pull to home towns, but it is essential to cut the umbilical cord to truly and prperly evaluate the world’s best (or worst) cities. And Madras is only exceeded in ugliness by India’s other great cities.

FT Weekend


Paris Janet Nelson: “Making the world more predictable” is a boring task. Wh­at is the point of prediction markets if all they forecast is the obvious. Leicester City and Donald Trump show that the world is full of unpredictable surprises, so­me nice, some not so nice.

The Economist

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