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Par Avion

A random sample from the British periodicals

Par Avion

Panama Puddles

Scarborough Gordon Whitehead: Sir Tony Baldry came out with the comment that because the directors and shareholders of his company Westminster Oil came from the USA, UK and Kazakhstan, then “whatever jurisdiction was chosen to register the company would inevitably have been ‘offshore’ to a number of the shareholder and directors”. This nicely sums up the arrogance of tax avoiders and their friends, and their contempt for those who pay their taxes in full. No amount of mere exhortation will change these attitudes.

The Independent

Schrodinger's Earth

Norfolk Edward Celiz: If I read another word about climate change, I’ll go mad. Do these scaremongering pseudo-scientists really believe that puny man can control the unimaginable forces of nature by sticking a windmill on his roof, throwing away his fridge and planting a few trees? Global warming? Perhaps, but what’s the bet that in a few years they will be telling us that they have got it wrong?

The Daily Telegraph

By Thine Own Hand

Queens Henry M. Seiden: The reporting of suicide has become far more accurate. There is less social pressure to disguise suicide, and this is part of a societal trend away from stigmatising such experiences. Traditionally, suicide has been shameful, and shameful to the loved ones who have always been reluctant to report it. That it may be less shameful now is good. It will allow us to address the painful causes more clearly.

New York Times


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