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Par Avion

A random sample from the British periodicals

Par Avion

Dad Troubles

Northants Fiona Rolt: The low percentage of men taking up parental leave could have less to do with the detrimental impact on their careers and more to do with the financial loss involved. Neither of my sons-in-law could afford to take paternity leave, instead taking a co­­uple of days of holiday entitlement and cracking on with life—as we all did before such leave was available. I can’t be the only mother who g­av­e birth in the 1970s and whose husband was back at work within hours; no one expected him to do anything else.

The Times

In a Hobbit-hole

Bedfordshire John R. McErlean: The news that a third of holiday-makers return to the same place every year struck a chord with me. My partner and I travel frequently to France and Germany, and to the same town. We now manage to get free drinks in the restaurants and discount in the shops. We have been everywhere we want to go and have now found places we like. Why run the risk of spending money and effort visiting some new environment which we may not like?

The Daily Telegraph

Lined Up

Taipei Martin Hiesboeck: I read your piece on the growing profession of the ‘codista’ (queuer) in Italy. In the 18th century, Romans made money by occupying seats in restaurants for wealthy folk and standing in line. The practice was so rampant that travellers to Rome reported pubs full of ‘sitters’, paid to reserve a seat before a wealthy patron would arrive for lunch.

The Economist


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