December 13, 2019
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Par Avion

A random sample from the British periodicals

Par Avion

Rebels With Cause

Cambridge Nicholas Smythe: While I agree with your columnist Janan Ganesh that “the inequities between millennials make a joke of their supposed togetherness as a political force”, his notion that “dazzling consumer gains”...mitigates disparities be­t­ween generation Y and their forebears in the cost of edu­cation, housing and career opportunities is nonse­nse. Moreover, he sur­ely misses a trick in his argument that the current furore over intergenerational inequality is overblown: the present “youthful anger” he derides has been responsible—in important measure—for the social progress he rightly lauds as improving, such as increased acceptance for all sexual orientations and great racial equality.

FT Weekend

Bloke, But Not First

New South Wales Mike Stow: One of your letter-writers suggests that if Hillary Clinton becomes Mrs President, her husband will be the First Gentleman. We faced a similar quandary to the Americans in Australia when Julia Gillard became our first female prime minister. It was quickly decided to call her partner the First Bloke. I suspect the Americans will take a similar line and give Bill Clinton the title of First Guy.

The Daily Telegraph

Quite a Handful

Middlesex Andrew Fleming: I have noticed growing numbers of cafes offering “hand-roasted coffee”. I am no dermatologist but I imagine this must lead to burns. It certainly reduces the appeal of a skinny latte.

The Times

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