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Par Avion

A random sample from the British periodicals

Par Avion

Rivered History

Birmingham Dr Surinder Singh Bakhshi: Kenneth Hodgson points to the favourable outcome of colonial legacies. It could not be more true than for the Sikhs. The East India Company overcame resistance from the feudal Sikh kingdom to conquer Punjab in the mid-19th century. It established a direct passage to Afghanistan from India. It was otherwise an amicable affair. Punjab became the construction site for the next 50 years as a vast road, rail and canal infrastructure was developed. Punjab was to become the granary first of the empire and then for independent India.

The Times

More Than Stir-Fry

Devon Dr R.G. Beddows: On your sports correspondent’s question about our greatest ever sportsman, I submit the name of C.B. Fry. Among many other achievements,  he was a joint world record holder for the long jump, played for England at cricket and association football, and scored 94 first-class centuries. His cricket career spanned four decades and he turned down an offer to captain England at the age of 49.

The Spectator

Manila In The Post

Devon Liz Wheedon: Never mind having to ring an Indian call centre to resolve internet problems. When I made a call to ask why the milkman hadn’t come, a pleasant person in Manila ­assured me that my milk was on its way and the milkman was simply late. I did have to spell ‘Devon’ for her, which seemed odd at first.

The Daily Telegraph


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