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Par Avion

A random sample from the British periodicals

Par Avion

Mumbai Raj Khalid: I read that Xi Jinping has been given a pledge for cheap tou­rist visas. I have just returned from Edinburgh, the town of my alma mater, and I paid more than £90 (approx Rs 9,000) for a six-month visa. If your report is accurate, a Chinese tourist will pay less than this for a two-year multiple entry tourist visa. Given the history between India and the UK, this is pat­ently unfair. Many Indi­ans come to Eur­ope for work and leisure, and I am certain most of us would love to come over to the UK for a weekend or at least stop over en route for a short break and a pint. I sincerely hope a similar cheap visa policy is planned for India. Maybe it will be annou­nced when the Indian prime minister is in the UK.

in FT Weekend

Derbyshire Victor Launert: Mikhail Gor­ba­chev was a man we could do business with; President Xi is a man we must do business with. The world’s future lies in the Far East. It has not only sheer numbers but also the vision, ambition, low-cost economies and hard-working and increasingly well-educated citizens. We may hope China’s commitment to human rights keeps pace with its edu­cation and wea­lth, but we cannot ignore it.

in The Daily Telegraph

London Dr Kusoom Vadgama: The remark by Lord Thomas, the lord chief justice, that it is imperative to build a ‘diverse judiciary’ through robust activism is not without a touch of irony, given that the first woman ever to practise law, in Bri­tain and in India, was Corne­lia Sorabji (1866-1954), an Indian woman. It will be the 150th anniversary of her birth next year—and occas­ion worthy of special honour.

in The Times


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