July 12, 2020
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Par Avion

A random sample from the British periodicals

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Par Avion
Par Avion

Bonded Flavour

I am sorry, Simon Schama, but Ian Fleming’s James Bond was no wine connoisseur. Fleming’s Bond had a strong preference for hard liquor; mainly bourbon, vodka and the inevitable martini. The only wine he imbibed in any quantity was champagne, such as when he was playing bridge with Drax in Moonraker or devouring a crab dinner in Goldfinger. Bond the wine connoisseur was an invention of the movie producers. Indeed, Fleming’s Bond would not even have noticed something was amiss when the villain ordered red wine with fish in the movie of From Russia with Love!

Robert Bruist, New South Wales, in FT Weekend

Been There, Eat That

You report on the invention of the ‘non-melting ice cream’. My granny is reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to me at the moment, and I would like to remind your readers that Willy Wonka alr­eady invented this—although Fickelgruber stole the recipe. I hope this is not another case of commercial espionage.

Luke Horgan (aged three and a half), Kent, in The Daily Telegraph

Hit P for Money

Never mind all those fancy scientific problems you dealt with in 'Life, the multiverse and everything'. I am still looking for some genius to come up with an app that will allow me to get cash from my printer at home rather than trudge to the nearest ATM.

Eliezer Greisdorf, Toronto, in The Economist

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