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Par Avion

A random sample from the British periodicals

Par Avion
Par Avion

One Plus One

The way forward in maths tea­­­­c­hing would be for older stud­ents to help younger ones. In India in 1787, at an orphanage, Andrew Bell developed a system whereby the teacher taught the ablest pupils and each of them then taught ano­ther group of chil­d­ren. On his return in 1798 he introduced this 'Madras' system. It bec­ame so popular some 12,000 schools in Britain and the colonies adopted the method. 

Roger Sainsbury, London, in The Times

Trump Call

Would it really matter if Donald Trump became president? America's whole system of government is so clogged with partisan interests...that nothing would ever get down anyway. Except perhaps Mr Trump might declare war using his executive powers. Apart from that, what is there?

Mervyun M., Brisbane, in The Economist

Down, Down

On China, it is time those in the world of investments realised that what goes up inevitably comes down.

Alex D., Oxfordshire,in The Daily Telegraph

Yawn for the Ball

During a Test match, 40 per cent of a cricketer's time is spent, on average, waiting to bat; and unless he has a long spell of bowling, most of the other time he is in the field waiting for the occasio­nal reason to chase a ball. Their 'exhaustion' certainly doesn't come from physical activity. Maybe it comes from boredom.

Jon Pettman, Sussex, in The Times


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