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Par Avion

A random sample from the British periodicals

Par Avion
Par Avion

While on the Job...

Indian MP Tharoor requests financial compensation for centuries of British destruction. While we’re at it, we might add a host of other countries. Can we not at least do more to welcome those who are fleeing starvation, war and persecution?

Peter Martin, Huddersfield, in The Guardian

Holiday for Whom?

The growth of companies such as Airbnb is not just a threat to hoteliers. The management company for my apartment building has enforced the terms of the leases because flats were being used by holidaymakers, leading to noise and damage. The chance for owners to make money should not be at a price to their neighbours.

George Kingston, Puttenham, in The Times

Empty Nest, I and II

Having bought a can of wasp nest-destroying foam, I returned home to tackle the large, lively colony that was barring access to the wood shed and threatening the plums on a nearby tree, only to find the insects had, apart from one or two listless stragglers, abandoned home. What could have triggered the exodus?

Peter Jenkins, Llandyrnog, in The Daily Telegraph

Peter Jenkins asks how the wasps in his large nest knew that he was about to attack them with a foam killer. Maybe he was spotted in the shop by a low-flying drone.

Philip Armstrong, East Sussex, in The Daily Telegraph


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