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Par Avion

Insensitive Times

The furore over actor Benedict Cumberbatch being filmed with a cellphone camera during the staging of Hamlet comes as no surprise. Where have consideration, theatre etiquette and good manners gone? People today chat during a performance, eat noisily and lean forward to get a better view, with no thought for those sitting behind them. On complaint, often no action is taken by theatre staff, who may offer only a change of seat. Theatres need to be much more proactive.

Julia Walden, Surrey, in The Daily Telegraph

Spoilers All 

Upon receiving your July 27 issue, the first article I read was the review of Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman. You are entitled to your opinion, but did you have to summarise the novel’s main points? I was on page 165 of the book, now I don’t feel like finishing it because I feel like I know how it ends.

Minnie Malhotra, New Delhi, in Time

Sin of Perfection

Research indicating the des­t­r­uctiveness of ‘perfectionism’ is spot-on. Schools must play an even greater part in guarding against this attitude. I tell my pupils that the urge to achieve perfection can eliminate risk and thus be inimical to creativity. If our education system can reveal the extent to which we are messy creatures, not robots that act upon the injunctions of pure logic, it will have done its job.

Dr Millan Sachania, Headmaster, Streatham & Clapham High School, London, in The Daily Telegraph

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