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Par Avion

A random sample from the British periodicals

Par Avion
Par Avion

Reparation Paid

Narendra Modi has endorsed the call for Britain to pay reparations for 200 years of colonial rule in India. There is no need for this. The Raj was not an embodiment of evil; it was a force for good. India was coloni­sed, wholly or partially, not just by the British but also by the Turks, Persians, Afgh­ans, Portuguese, Uzbeks and Mongols. Why does Mr Modi single out Britain—which, incidentally, has already paid reparations in terms of allowing so many people from the Indian subcontinent to come and settle in Britain—while letting off other colonisers whose rule did far more damage to India’s cultural heritage?

Randhir S. Bains, Essex, in The Daily Telegraph

Wrong ’Un

The oft-quoted description of Clement Atlee as “a quiet man with much to be quiet about” is attributed to Winston Churchill. However, the real quote, “a modest little man with plenty to be modest about”, was actually coined by the left-wing journalist Claud Cockburn.

Malcolm Watson, Berkshire, in The Times

Thus Capital

Many people are hugely cynical about capitalism. For them, it is a system that focuses solely on profit. Perhaps now is the time to encourage businesses to behave in a more progressive manner by starting a ‘Campaign for Ethical Capitalism’, where integrity, responsibi­lity, compassion and the overall contribution to society have an equal status to profit in company objectives.

Jim Bignal, Berkshire, in The Daily Telegraph


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