August 09, 2020
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Par Avion

A random sample from the British newspapers

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Par Avion
Par Avion

No One Like Mommy

I was sorry to read The Undercover Economist's comment that, if a woman stays at home and looks after her child, “nobody wins”. The child wins and so does society. In the understandable desire for women to work and pay taxes, we have forgotten about the never-changing needs of babies and young children. There is increasing evidence that the under-threes need a one-to-one loving and consistent relation­ship for healthy physical and mental development. If policymakers continue to ignore the vital importance of early attachment and promote wraparound childcare, by which very young children spend long hours in group care with multi­ple carers, society will suffer ever-increasing problems, socially and economically.

Jane Reddish, London, in FT Weekend

Labour Leads

Polly Toynbee does well to urge caution in selecting a new leader for the Labour party. There is not only the need to think of ideas and the legacy, to clarify how Labour can relate to the changed economy. There should also be no compulsion to elect a new face and shun those who have been part of the movement in and out of power over the years.

Meghnad Desai, Labour, House of Lords, in The Guardian

Drone Aid

In view of the difficulties in reaching outlying villages in Nepal affected by the recent earthquake, this is an ideal time to experiment with using drones for distributing aid.

G.F.Ling, Cambridgeshire, in The Sunday Telegraph

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