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Par Avion

A random sample from the British periodicals

Par Avion

People’s BBC

The BBC is Britain’s greatest cultural asset and belongs to the people of this nation. Its role is to challenge the government of the day and it is an essential part of our democracy. The service should be properly funded so that it can continue to provide the wonderful television, radio and online services the public appreciate so much. If some Conservatives genuinely believe that there was bias in the election coverage, perhaps the answer is an independent review, not going to 'war' with the corporation. Hands off the BBC, Mr David Cameron, and make sure your new minister understands that, too.

Tim Williams, Gloucestershire, in The Daily Telegraph

Swine fever

You asked 'how much is a happy pig worth'? Readers who enjoy a nice piece of crackling might like to ponder the fact that pig’s skin has long been used for human transplants where the patient lacks enough of their own skin. This, and the prospect of using pig organs for human transplants, only adds to a pig’s worth. Surely the pig is a happier animal knowing that it can heal as well as feed its human masters.

Robin Laurance, Oxford, in The Economist

Time 100

To include Kim Kardashian next to paradigm shifters like Vikram Patel is an error of more than one kind. Kar­dashian may be a reality-TV star, but the amount of Twitter followers has never managed to determine the level of influence in a society.

Shraddha Bose-Mandal, Australia, in Time


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