May 27, 2020
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Par Avion

A random sample from the British newspapers

Par Avion
Par Avion

Absent the Prsenters

I don't think we need 'more TV presenters with edge and attitude'. What I'd like to see is  no presenters at all on TV. Why have we developed this cliche of the celebrity presenter, when most documentaries would be more informative and objective without being an egocentric vehicle for someone (usually a man) talking in my face or walking about in the shot telling me stuff, and telling me what they think or feel? It would also save the BBC lots of money if they scrapped this predictable format.

Jeff Anderson, Cardiff, in The Guardian

Rum Deal

Cuba was much on my mind when I read about its reformist revolutionary, Raul Castro. I had just returned from a week in Belgium where I was ecs­tatic to find that Cuban rum and cigars can now be legally brought into the US. This is a big deal for Yanks travel­ling abroad who for decades could only savour the quality Cuban products, but not legally bring them back home. In my book, Barack Obama will go down as the man who finally brought Havana Club rum and Cohibas Cuban cigars back to the US.

Ted Gaffney, Connecticut, in FT Weekend

Smell That Chocolate

You report that 'simply looking at food could temporarily turn off cravings' and thus help with weight loss. Chocolate-sniffing is the best solution: a good whiff of hot chocolate powder, or sticking your nose in a box of Cadbury's Milk Tray, will sati­sfy any craving for chocolate.

Carol Goodfellow, Surrey, in The Daily Telegraph

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