May 25, 2020
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Par Avion

A random sample from the British newspapers

Par Avion
Par Avion

Cast the First Stone

The UK is rocked by sexual scandals and yet the BBC moralises on the atrocity in Delhi by claiming that this is a disease in Indian society. For the sake of balance, the BBC should at the outset say this is a worldwide problem in which Britain has one of the worst records. Where is the BBC documentary looking into the harrowing tales of sexual abuse of which we have been hearing of almost everyday?

Nitin Mehta, Surrey, in The Guardian

Is this Evil?

If nothing is done, IS will be free to continue its rampage against the ancient treasures of Iraq and Syria, several of whose most important sites are under the group’s control. This may seem unimportant in the context of so many human lives being lost, but from my own acquaintance with Iraqis and Syrians, I see it is deeply demoralising to people who have already lost family, friends and homes. It’s salt in their wounds and it takes away hope for a post-war future.

Dr Eleanor Coghill, Germany, in The Daily Telegraph

Good Riddance

What a marvellous idea that MPs should be housed in an aircraft carrier. I suggest pointing it in the direction of Bermuda.

Ian Beck, Cumbria, in The Daily Telegraph

Batty Logic

Regarding bats and buildings, church buildings are the work of man and bats are the work of God. Which then is more deserving of protection?

Myrna R. Forrester, Aberdeen, in The Times

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