July 07, 2020
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Par Avion

A random sample from the British newspapers

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Par Avion
Par Avion

Evil Twins

Britain can defeat the toxic ideology of Islamism in the same way it defeated its twin sister, racism. Racism and Islamism have a lot in common. Both are erected on fascist ideologies—the latter on the superiority of religion. In fact, Islamists are the Muslim equivalent of the racists, except the former have a violent global agenda.

Randhir Singh Bains, Essex, in The Guardian

Dead Right

The best-before dates on food items should be abolished as they are a way of persuading consumers to throw away edible items. We should do what my parents and grandparents did: look at it, smell it, taste it. If it passes, eat it.

Peter Andell, Kent, in The Times


We have heard a great deal lately from Ukraine, Syria, Iraq and Libya, to name but a few; has anyone heard from the United Nations?

Bob Forster, Oxfordshire, in The Guardian

Oxymorons Ball

In the light of England’s recent performance in the World Cup, I would like to suggest a late entry for the two most depressing words in modern England: cricket highlights.

Ruth Corderoy, Berkshire, in The Daily Telegraph

Is the term ‘social media’ the most depressing in current usage?

Bill Collier, Lancashire, in The Daily Telegraph

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