August 01, 2020
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Paolo Fresu

The celebrated Italian jazz artiste talks on the future of jazz

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Paolo Fresu
Paolo Fresu

Happy with your concert in Delhi?

Yes. The turnout was excellent and it felt good performing with my Quintet.

Any city you would love to play again in?

I love New York, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and London, but at the end it’s about discovering new places. So the Delhi concert was precious.

How do you view the jazz circuit in Europe?

European jazz is becoming ever popular despite the difficult time of crisis. In fact, Italian jazz, together with Scandinavian jazz, is one of the most creative realities.

How is Italian jazz distinct?

Italian jazz is so lively and playful, expressing the vitality of a people always on the move.

What’s your impression of Indian jazz?

I do not know much about Indian jazz musicians. I do know Ravi Shankar, Zakir Hussain, Hariprasad Chaurasia and Trilok Gurtu.

Did you collaborate with any of them while in India?

Unfortunately, I came to India in not very good health and had to limit myself to the concert.

Jazz festivals are all the rage, how have they evolved?

Jazz is 20th century music par excellence and it represents vibrancy, combining linguistic and cultural elements from diverse origins.

It’s pretty fashionable to have a taste for jazz these days.

Once, jazz was considered tough. Today, each one can find in jazz his/her own world.

Do you think jazz could ever become music for the masses, like pop or rock?

I prefer to think of jazz as hand-crafted music, slightly away from the normal circuit of business and therefore capable of maintaining that level of liberty, which is the reason I chose it.

What do you like listening to?

I listen a lot to classical and baroque music, and a bit of good rock and pop. Of course, I listen to the best in jazz and Brazilian music.

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