May 25, 2020
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Om Puri

On surviving 25 years in Indian cinema and his film Bollywood Calling

Om Puri
Om Puri
Are things getting better for you?
In a way, yes. Whatever money I have, I've made in the last five years.

But is there anything in the Hindi film industry for you?
With those who are termed art film makers too getting into the mainstream, I am not sure where that leaves character artistes like me.

Have British films helped you?
I did four English films last year. East is East did for me in international arena what Ardh Satya did for me here.

More offers?
Yes, but they are in an early stage.

Are you being choosy?
Yes. I recently turned down a great looking film with Michael Caine because my part was a bit too small.

Do we see you as a filmmaker soon?
I am confident about directing actors but not the cameraman, though there are directors who cannot direct actors.

How do you think your latest film Bollywood Calling will do?
It's a funny film. But our distributors are bad at selling low-budget films.

What do you play in the movie?
I play a South Indian Hindi film producer. I took some tips from Kamalahaasan to speak like an Andhraite.

There was a problem with Kunal Vijayakar who was supposed to act in the film.
Yes. Kunal is a fine actor but they decided to expand my role in the film.

How's it to work with Nagesh?
He is a very sensible and understanding director. He will do well.

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