May 25, 2020
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Oasis Found

The staff seems to be as excited about the new venture as the diners...

Oasis Found
Oasis Found

Bohemian At Club Oasis
NDA Rd, 1 km from Chandni Chowk, Pune 400052.
Tel: 020 25286276
Meal for two without alcohol: Rs 1,500


For a city overburdened with restaurants passing off tomato mush and sandwich masala as Mediterranean fare, Bohemian is the much-needed real thing. Owners Shekhar and Ketaki Pimpalkhare flagged off chef trials and tastings during the run-up to the opening—and more intense fine-tuning would be hard to find! You can order a la carte, or go for the fixed menu, where you’re plied with a glass of wine or beer and bite-sized berber lamb pizzas, skewered chicken, harissa potatoes, pitas with falafel, salads (the balsamic vinegar-infused beets and the fig-and-feta stand out). Ask particularly for the jalapeno hummus. The hardy chicken-and-rice broth or lentil soup and the flurry of starters leave you wondering if you should skip the main course—Tagine, Shakshuka, and such like—and go straight to various forms of death by dessert. The Shakshuka could have been a little moister, and the Charmoula fish could do with less coriander...but there are no complaints about the freshness of the fish and meats, and the light touch with the veggies—eggplant and red pepper are particularly well-handled. The staff seems to be as excited about the new venture as the diners—with the city lights winking in the valley below.

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