January 28, 2020
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MIFF's prominent refuseniks and sympathetic withdrawals that featured at Vikalp

Now Not Showing


Title : Final Solution
Director : Rakesh Sharma
Subject : Hindu-Muslim polarisation in Gujarat in 2002-03 and the politics of hate
Screenings & Awards : Berlin 2004, Hong Kong and 2004, World Social Forum 2004 (Mumbai)

Title : Naata
Director : A. Monteiro & K.P. Jayasankar
Subject : Stories of Korde & Khan, activists and friends, working with neighbourhood (mohalla) peace communities in Dharavi
Screenings & Awards : Film S. Asia 2003(Nepal), First & Last Experimental Film Fest 2003 (Sydney), WSF(2004)

Title : Narayan Gangaram Surve
Director : Arun Khopkar
Subject : Life of Marathi poet Surve against the backdrop of the collapsing Mumbai textile mills
Screenings & Awards : Won Golden Lotus for best non-feature film at 50th National Film Festival

Title : Words on Water
Director : Sanjay Kak
Subject : Sustained non-violent resistance by the people of the Narmada Valley
Screenings & Awards :  European Social Forum 2002, Goiana in Brazil, Durban, Delhi, Turin (2003); WSF 2004, Hong Kong


Title : Development Flows from the Barrel of the Gun
Director : Biju Toppo & Meghnath
Subject : Relationship between state's economic motivations and its violence toward people hit by development projects

Title : Taliban Years and Beyond
Director : Kabir Khan
Subject : The 5 years of Afghanistan's Taliban regime
Screenings & Awards : Cork, Ireland, 2003 

Title : The Bitter Drink
Director : P. Baburaj & C. Saratchandran
Subject : Tribals vs. Coca-Cola and a struggle over water

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