July 04, 2020
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Nothing Abominable Here

A Himalayan kitchen in Delhi's Hauz Khas Village featuring Nepali, Tibetan, Khasi and Bhutanese cuisine is proof that great food can be transcendental

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Nothing Abominable Here
Sanjay Rawat
Nothing Abominable Here

50-A, Second Floor, Hauz Khas Village
New Delhi-110016, Daily noon-11pm
Tel: 011-40678649
Meal for two: Rs 800

As we devoured the vestiges of our kingsized meal at Yeti, we understood for the first time the painful limitations of language. Our tongues seemed giddy, our pulses faint. Soon enough, we slipped into a food coma—that deliciously delirious state of mind when the divine intimations of hunger meld with the impassioned sensuality of a well-cooked, well-priced meal.

There are those who will scale the looming heights of the Himalayas in search of enlightenment. Even as we bit into the delectable Buff Shapta (Rs 195) and the Tibetan-style fried pork (Rs 240), we knew we, however, would not have to venture further than Delhi’s Hauz Khas Village in our pursuit of nirvana. The one-month-old Yeti, which has poised itself as a Himalayan kitchen that features Nepali, Tibetan, Khasi and Bhutanese cuisine, is proof positive that great food can indeed be transcendental.

The atmosphere is laidback, the furniture is classy yet unpretentious, and the Nepali music feels strangely comforting. The menu is exhaustive and the portions sizeable. We feasted on the Piro Aloo (Rs 100), potatoes cooked Darjeeling-style, with red chillies and licked clean all trace of the Ema Dachi (Rs 250), spinach tossed in a smooth, creamy, cheesy sauce. Doh Nai (Rs 250), Khasi-style pork cooked in black sesame gravy and served with some tingmo, steamed Tibetan bread, that like all comfort foods should, hits the right spot.

As we finally emerged from our haze, we couldn’t but concede that a meal at Yeti is both a journey and a destination.

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