February 21, 2020
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Not Much Meat In The Zoo Story

Not Much Meat In The Zoo Story
The jinx has returned to Nandan Kanan, two years after the zoological park was in the thick of controversy, no thanks to the death of over a dozen big cats. But that was not all. In June the National Cattle Commission closed down the sole abattoir supplying beef to the zoo for violating provisions of the Orissa Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act. The carnivores were left high and dry and are still subsisting on a mixed diet of buffalo meat, mutton and chicken.

Earlier, the animals were fed about 850 kg of beef per day. In the absence of licensed suppliers of beef and dearth of buffalo meat in Orissa, this has come down to around 700 kg per day.

All this speaks rather poorly for India’s premier zoo and animal rights activists allege that little is being done to improve the living conditions of the animals.

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