February 21, 2020
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Nina Pillai

Rajan Pillai’s widow is confident that her husband’s ‘murderers’ will be punished

Nina Pillai
Was Rajan Pillai victim of a criminal conspiracy?
Absolutely. We were NRIS for more than 14 years, unused to the system. It is a typical problem faced by any NRI.

Why did he succumb to such pressure?
Rajan succumbed to the pressure because he was very generous. He could never say 'no' to anyone. Friends whom Rajan trusted and supported with money, betrayed him.

Do you have evidence to prove your allegations?
The evidence is inexplicable. I have many clues which will be investigated by the CBI. I cannot disclose anything more.

How did you meet Chandraswami and what kind of relationship did you husband share with him?
MP Subbi Rami Reddy introduced us to Chandraswami, who was close to then prime minister Narasimha Rao. I have met Chandraswami three or four times. But I always felt comfortable in his company.

Rajan and you hosted parties in Singapore. Did Chandraswami attend any?
We hosted a dinner party specially for Chandraswami in February 1995. This was attended by Singapore senior minister Lee Kuan Yew's sister, among others.

Why did Rajan give Rs 3 crore to the Congress? Who did he pay?
The family always supported the Congress. Rajan was very fond of Rajiv. Two Congress MPs were paid the money – their names can't be disclosed now.

Did Narasimha Rao contact Rajan directly for the payment of Rs 1 crore?
Narasimha Rao contacted Rajan through these two MPs.

Do you think your campaign to book the guilty will succeed?
I have been at the receiving end due to my husband's generosity. To get the guilty booked is top priority on my agenda.

Have you said goodbye to politics after losing the election?
No. I joined the BJP. Due to my preoccupation with the case, I missed Advani's rath yatra. I would have accompanied Advani during his tour of Kerala.

You seem to be busy in Delhi and Mumbai. Do you go to your constituency?
I visit it once or twice a month, to learn about the problems being faced by the people. I am determined to be voice of Kerala in Delhi.

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