May 28, 2020
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Nikhil Chopra

With sheer hard work this Delhiite’s made a presence on the Indian one- day squad

Nikhil Chopra
You seem to have come of age in the team?
There was a lot of hard work involved. I work on my game six hours everyday. Go to the gym in the evening.

Your greatest strength as a bowler?
Getting the ball to drift both ways in the air. Maninder Singh taught me that.

How do you think you'll make it to the Test side?
Just play a waiting game, I guess. If I keep on performing well in the one- days eventually I should get a break.

Best batsman you've bowled to?
Lara. He tries different things all the time. You've to outguess him. Sachin in the nets too is dangerous. If you can sustain a good spell against him, it gives you confidence.

Best moment on the cricket field?
The first five- wicket haul I had in Toronto in the third match. I got five wickets for 20 runs. I got Lara out in the slips.

You seem to have a cool head...
t's a must. If you get flustered, your accuracy goes. Also if you inculcate a lot of com- mon sense in your game it helps.

How many types of deliveries do you have?
Five to six. A lot depends on what angle I decide to deliver the ball from. My brother taught me how to use the angles.

Your ambitions?
Take it as it comes and enjoy every moment.

Hobbies that you have?
I love dogs. I have a Great Dane here in Delhi. The name is JD. Jack Daniel. Two more in Allahabad where our ancestral home is.

Idols while growing up?
I used to watch a lot of Viv Richards, Kapil Dev. All the go- getters, the players who rise to the occasion.

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